Wednesday, 20 May 2009

How to Give a Girl an Orgasm With Your Fingers

It is a common knowledge especially among men that women cannot easily reach orgasm just by mere sexual contact alone. That is why, men should know about the many techniques they need to give their ladies the satisfaction they need in bed.

Of the many ways to make a women reach orgasm, doing clitoral stimulation is one of the most effective one. And to do this, you need to learn about how to give a girl an orgasm with your fingers. Here are some techniques to do that.

Rubbing. You can drive your partner crazy when you rub her clitoris using just the tips of your fingers. To know whether you have rubbed properly, just listen to the groans and moans of your partner. Simply hearing her reactions can tell you how much she loves your rubbing. But make sure your fingers are well lubricated before you do this technique.

Speeding it up. As you rub, make some variations. And one effective way is to speed up your rubbing techniques. Since most women love fast-paced lovemaking, you have to make sure that your partner is already in the right mood when you start rubbing and speeding up your manual stimulation techniques.

Do both. This is simply a combination of rubbing and speeding up. You can try penetrating into her vagina using two of your fingers while your thumb is gently caressing her clitoris. Or simply do the trick with your two hands, the one penetrating her and the other caressing her clitoris.

It is useful that you know how to give a girl an orgasm with your fingers. That way, you can assure yourself that with your lovemaking, your partner can really reach climax.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Get a Girl to Experience Super Intense Orgasms

The difference between men who make women turn into loyal sex 'slaves' and a men who women treat as sexual bores is the clever way the former can induce women's climax. What does it take to make a woman experience the most intense orgasms of her life?

First you must know what you're doing. Second, you must be in control of everything that happens during sex with your girl. These two things point to one thing: you must learn the skills you need to turn women on strongly enough for them to experience orgasms like never before.

Here are two fail-proof methods of making women multi-orgasmic:

1. "The Proper Way of Thrusting". When you penetrate a woman, you must be conscious of several things, your angle of penetration, the thrusting frequency (slow or fast), and the g-spot touching intensity.

The g-spot is the most sensitive part inside a woman's vaginal portal, and you can easily touch the g-spot when you thrust in a way that your penis rubs the upper part of her vaginal wall. The g spot is located 2.5 inches deep from the opening.

If you cannot locate the g-spot easily, don't fret. Just continue thrusting and observing her reaction. Remember to change the way you thrust every once in a while to try out several angles of penetration.

When you notice a particular movement makes her feel more excited than usual, you can remember that as your 'orgasm generator' sex position.

2. "Verbal Prompts". There are certain dirty talk lines you can tell a woman to make her feel more aroused. Usually, when a woman is near orgasm, she will get pushed over the brink effortlessly when you utter these verbal prompts that effectively cranks up her arousal level.

If you do this right, and use the most powerful verbal anchors on her, she will shoot off like a rocket repeatedly.

Tips on Good Oral Sex

Oral sex can be fun and exciting too. Even though women may not admit to liking it openly, there are a number of oral tricks you can try to send her pleasure quotient skyrocketing! Just follow the tips we mention below and give her a wonderfully intimate and exciting experience!

• Before you go for oral sex, make sure you have spent some time in foreplay. This can be done in a number of ways. You can lick on her ears or just kiss her deeply. All the while you are doing this; make sure your hands are caressing the different parts of her body. This will get her ready for more.

• When she is ready, go for long and soft strokes on the outside lips of her vagina. While you are doing this, make sure you caress the area around the genitals with your hands.

• When she is ready, open the lips gently and try sucking on her clitoris. Make sure you are absolutely gentle. Also, be very careful not to use your teeth anywhere on her vagina. This can be unpleasant and dangerous also.

• You can go for a number of strokes- whether they are up and down or in circular motions. Some even try making alphabets with their tongues! Just don't make her concentrate on what you are writing there!

• Start off with a gentle rhythm and then increase the pressure very gradually. The main thing is to hold a particular position or rhythm when you realize that it is giving her the most pleasure.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

How to Locate Her G-Spot

If you want your girl to achieve new heights in an orgasm then locating her g-spot and stimulating it through various methods will have her begging for more.

Here are 6 steps on how to locate her g-spot.

1. The g-spot is located within the upper walls of the vagina and you will need to locate it first before you think about ways to activate it for pleasuring your girl. It is usually flat and circular but inflates as your girl gets sexually aroused.

2. You can use your fingers to locate her g-spot. Make sure that your fingers are adequately lubricated and your girl adequately aroused before you insert them in her vagina.

3. Your girl can also participate in this treasure hunt and she can either insert her finger along with yours to guide you in or can first locate it herself and then show you how it's done.

4. You could also use a vibrator or any other sex toy to stimulate her g-spot. Make sure that you point the toy upwards so as to reach and stimulate her g-spot.

5. You could also locate her g-spot with your penis. Again, ensure adequate lubrication is present before you insert your penis at an upward angle. You could try entering her from the rear. Her moans and screams will indicate that you have reached your destination.

6. You could also try cunnilingus but you would only have a chance of reaching her g-spot if your tongue is as long as a giraffe's. Anyway, you could still enjoy yourself while trying to reach her g-spot with your tongue.

These 6 steps are sure to help you to locate her g-spot, but the main point is to have fun while you are at it, instead of getting all tensed up over finding it. Once you do reach her g-spot then your girl is sure to thank you with a wide range of moans and groans.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Foreplay Techniques

Men you better listen up if you want to be one of the few guys that actually knows how to please your woman in the bedroom. You may think you are doing things correctly, but if she is not 100% satisfied to the point that she brags about how good you are in bed, then you are probably not doing all the things you can to please her. Here are the top foreplay techniques that will help your love life in the bedroom.

1. Teasing

This might seem like something that the woman should be doing to you because you are used to being teased like crazy, but you can use this to your advantage as well. You can tease her by sending her little sexy text messages or leaving a note in her purse. You can also start the morning off by sneaking up behind her and kissing her softly on the back of her neck. These are all things that can get the foreplay started way before the clothes come off.

2. Teasing on the next level

Another one of the foreplay techniques is to tease her while in the bedroom. This is something that most men do not know how to do. Most men want to go straight to touching her breasts and vagina. They also want to get the clothes off right away. This is not the way to go. Go ahead and take your time and avoid touching her vagina and breasts for as long as you can. Then, when you do touch her there she will already be so turned on that it will make her go crazy.

3. Taking the foreplay techniques to the next level

Open your mind and try new things with your woman. Give her the oral that she wants and continue the foreplay for a half hour to a hour before ever entering inside of her. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much more fun your bedroom life is and how much more she is willing to do. You will also probably get more sex more often because she knows you are willing to make sure she is taken care of.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Female Orgasm Techniques

If you want your woman to be screaming in absolutely ecstasy tonight, then you will definitely want to read this. These are some techniques which continue to give me massive success in the bedroom and give the women in insane amount of pleasure. If you want to step your game up, then read on.

1. Tease Her

This is something that I use as a transition from the foreplay to the sex. The reaction is the same almost every time.

What you want to do is begin rubbing the penis lightly around the opening of her vagina. As you do this, make sure that you are talking to her and asking her how bad she really wants you. Insert the penis 1-3 inches at most and then quickly take it out a few times. Wait for her to get to the point where she begins whimpering and crying for you to start. Another reaction you may get is that she will be moaning and yelling at you to start it.

Either way this builds up MASSIVE amounts of anticipation. By the time you start, it will feel 10 times more satisfying to her.

2. Don't Stop and Start

Women cannot get started right where they left off like men can. If a woman is about to have an orgasm, the worst thing you can do is stop thrusting or change the rhythm. When she is close make certain that you are consistent in your motions and allow her to transition to the promised land.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Making Your Girl Climax Intensely During Sex - The 3 Most Important Things You Must Do

You can give a woman intense, satisfying orgasms through intercourse alone by making certain to do a few simple things. Women love a guy who can make them climax using nothing but his penis, because orgasms induced by just intercourse are much more satisfying to women than any other kind. Here are the 3 most important things you must do to make your girl climax intensely during sex.

Start with plenty of foreplay! This is vital. If she isn't warmed up enough when you enter her, it will be very hard for you to make her climax during intercourse. She should be begging to have you inside her. Women cannot get enough foreplay, so prepare to take some time on it. Start with her lips, ears, neck, nipples, and stomach, then work your way down to her clitoris. Spend some time performing oral sex until she is on the brink of orgasm, but don't push her over the edge. You can do that when you're thrusting inside her!

Make sure you can last! If you climax before she does, that is a surefire way to frustrate her. You want to be in complete control of your own orgasm, so strengthen the muscles that control it by doing daily kegels. Also, train your body to withstand stimulation by never climaxing within 30 minutes when you masturbate.

Make sure your penis is big enough to satisfy her! Nothing is more difficult than trying to satisfy a woman with a penis that is too small. You need to be large enough to provide intense friction to her clitoris AND hit the sensitive areas inside her from any position. This is most easily done with a penis that is long, thick, and powerful. You can enlarge your size quickly and permanently with natural exercises. You just need your hands. Study them using unbiased sources, determine which are best for you, and most importantly, take action. Within two weeks, you'll already be able to see and feel that your penis is becoming longer and thicker.

Last Longer in Bed - How to Build Up Your Stamina For Tonight

Guys are under a lot of pressure to perform in the bedroom. The weight on their shoulders is unbearable because they want to be able to please and satisfy their woman. Most guys just want to please their girl so they try hard to last long and make the sex enjoyable for them. However, sometimes these pressures are too much and the problem with premature ejaculation is imminent and embarrassing. How can a guy get past this?

You usually go to your friends for advice but for this situation you don't even want to think about talking to them. You are far too embarrassed to tell your doctor about this so how could you even begin to tell your friends this? Not to mention how much fun they would make of you. You need a way to last longer in bed tonight, and without anyone knowing about your problem. What is out there to help you?

There are products available such as condoms that are a bit thicker so you don't feel as much stimulation but that would mean you would have to go out and buy it. Now the pharmacist will know why you are buying that product and you don't want to have to go through that embarrassment. A way to last longer in bed tonight is to switch up the positions. It will give your girl a little variety and she will like the way you are taking control but it gives you a few seconds to recuperate and last longer for her.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

How Do You Stimulate and Give a Woman Intense Orgasm?

You will need to find the way to turn your lady on if you would like to give her more intense orgasm. In fact, a lot of men do not really know how they can do so. In fact, you will need to discover some techniques so that you can stimulate her and give her orgasm.

One point you need to know is that you will have to know what your lady loves. This is the baseline. As a result, it is very important for you to start some time to learn more about the preferences of the lady. You will be able to give her better orgasm if you knows her preferences.

As a result, you will need to communicate with your woman. You have to ask your woman to tell you if she feels good when you are trying to stimulating her. Of course it is also very essential for you to ask if your lady does not feel good. In fact, mutual communication is always important. You have to make sure that you will also tell your lady if you feel good. In this cases, your woman will also be able to know how she should stimulate you!

Be sure that you will not rush when you are trying to stimulate her. There are a lot of men who tend to rush when they are trying to turn your lady on. If you rush, it will be quite difficult for you to give your lady intense orgasm. This is why you need to do it slowly. Most ladies will need a romantic feeling if you would like to give her intense orgasm.

As a result, you need to kiss your woman slowly. Be sure that you will do this when you are having the foreplay. A quality foreplay is always important if you would really want to have a better sex experience. You should remember this and never rush when you are having your foreplay with your woman.

One last point is that, you will need to keep exploring the best sex positions with your lady. Remember that you will need to ask your woman if she feels good when you are testing and exploring the sex positions. On one hand, you will be able to give your lady more intense orgasm if you can explore the best sex positions. On the other hand, you will make your sexual experience and life more interesting because you keep exploring for something new!

Better Sex - Last Longer and Have More Sexual Desire With These Herbs

If you want to enjoy better sex, last longer in bed and have more sexual desire you can with the herbs enclosed and they will work for both men and women.

The herbs work because they help to get more blood to the pelvic region and into the sex organs which is the base upon which better sex is built. Furthermore, they will increase levels of testosterone which is needed by men for peak sexual health but it's also needed by women too. Last but not least, the herbs will relieve stress and anxiety (which are known passion killers) and boost overall body energy so you can concentrate on sex.

The herbs below, will not only improve sexual health, they will give a boost to your overall wellness at the same time. They can all be found in super potent natural sex pills so you can get them all in one convenient daily serving. Let's take a look at the herbs and what they do.


Cnidium works to increase the release of nitric oxide while inhibiting PDE-5 (just like prescription drugs) which helps more blood enter the sex organs. In men this of course results in a hard erection and while not quite as visible in women, it performs the same function. Cnidium also acts as a blood circulation herb, to ensure there is sufficient blood pumped to the sex organs, before nitric oxide secretion allows it to enter.


This herb is renowned for increasing blood flow quickly to all areas of the body and that includes the sex organs and the herb also works to keep the heart healthy.

Horny Goat Weed

A great name for a great libido enhancer! This herb increases testosterone levels, increases nitric oxide secretion, the also herb also contains icariin a PDE5 inhibitor and works to reduce stress which leads to an overall increase in body energy.


Ginseng works in several ways to enhance overall sexual health, it is a great blood circulation herb and strengthens blood flow to all areas of the body, it reduces stress, increases overall body energy and improves mood.

You can get all the above herbal libido enhancers and others in the best herbal sex pills for men and women and they will improve your overall wellness, as well as helping you enjoy better sex, try them and you will be glad you did.