Monday, 30 March 2009

How to Easily Locate a Girl's G-Spot!

For a long time now the g-spot has been considered as the magic button in the female sexual anatomy. It is a relatively small area that is situated in the vagina along the anterior front wall of the vagina just behind the pubic bone.

It is an area that has innumerable nerve endings and hence has tremendous potential to give the woman pleasure when stimulated during sex or foreplay. Every woman has one; however, the location might slightly vary from individual to individual.

Here are 4 easy techniques to locate the g-spot

Finding the g-spot will bring a qualitative difference in your girl's sex life. When stimulated the g-spot can give your girl multiple orgasms. First technique involves relaxing your girl. It is recommended that she take a longish hot water shower so that she relaxes all the muscles in her body.

After the shower, when she is fresh and relaxed make her sit on a couch or lay her down on the bed with her feet spread wide.

Once she is relaxed and in the mood start pleasuring her by stimulating her clitoris and the outer lips of her vagina. Once she is sufficiently warmed up insert two of your longest fingers inside her vagina. Let your fingers go an inch and half to about two inches inside.

Feel the front wall of the vagina by making sweeping motions with your fingers. Feel for something that is spongy and bean like between the pubic bone and the top of her cervix. Your girl's facial expression will tell you if you have hit the right spot.

Another way to locate her g-spot is with the help of vibrator. This technique should be used if the girl is worried of injury from your fingernails. Use a moderately thick clean vibrator for this. Lay your girl on the bed with her knees raised. You may also place a pillow below her bottom to make her more comfortable.

Now insert the vibrator after you have stimulated her clitoris with it for some time. Insert the vibrator an inch and half to two inches along the upper front wall of her vagina and make sweeping motions or "come here" motions. As you go deeper the moment you hit the g-spot your girl will start moaning. Once you have located the g-spot make a mental note of the depth and the location.

Now you are ready to locate the g-spot with your penis. The sex positions that are suited for g-spot stimulation are the doggy style and the reverse missionary position or the girl on top position. In the doggy style you will be in control while in the other position your girl will control the depth and the momentum.

In the case of doggy style penetrate her slowly and wriggle your bottom as you thrust deep. The tip of your penis is bound to brush against the g-spot and your will let out a moan. Once the position is established continue to rub your penis against it and give your girl a mind blowing orgasm.