Saturday, 14 March 2009

How to Make a Girl Climax Real Fast - Blast Her Into a Series of Multiple Orgasms Almost Instantly

It is sad but true; most men do not know the art of making a girl climax. Most women complain about not being able to climax during an intercourse. Men wrongly interpret that long sessions of sex, or doing it often is the only way to satisfy a girl. However, they fail to realize that women enjoy quality over quantity. Mastering few tricks can help you make a girl climax real fast. To make the most of your lovemaking experience read on the following 3 tips....

Hurry is what men should learn to avoid in the lovemaking process. No woman will quickly jump in bed and get satisfied. You need to charge her body and mind to get her in the mood of lovemaking. Remember if she is not in the right frame of mind, nothing can make her climax. By showering her with some gifts or a romantic dinner you need to get her in the mood. Play with words and let her feel special and wanted. Using the right words will do half the work of triggering her soul.

To increase the heat between the two you'll slowly get close to her. Hold her and kiss passionately. Let your fingers run through her body and make her feel the heat within you. Try kissing her on sensitive parts, but do not be too hard. A kiss has the power to turn on a girl and if she is in the perfect ambience, you can make her climax real fast.

Do not rush for intercourse, instead touch her around the inner thighs and let her crave for more. Touch her sensitive parts to generate more heat. Once you penetrate, make sure you are on with the right moves. Hold for long and try changing positions, and you bet she will climax real fast.

If you are able to stimulate all her erotic zones, she is sure to climax fast. These three tips will surely delight you and make your girl ask for more.