Friday, 27 March 2009

Is it OK to Have Sex With Your Ex?

Having sex with your partner increases the love and lust between the two of you. Sometimes along with emotional and mental attachment you tend to be very much physically attached with your partner and end up having sex. But, when the conditions between the two of you are not fine and the situation worsens, you tend to break off.

Even then at times you can't stop yourself from having sex with your ex. As you both were physically intimate so forgetting the old memories becomes difficult and you can't stop yourselves from the luring temptations. But the question which generally haunts your mind after you have had sex with your ex is that whatever I did was right?

Well people in this regard have mixed views as some believe that physical satisfaction is the most important and should be given priority. While others believe that having sex with your ex means cheating on to your present partner. The most important factors which explain as to why be it not okay to have sex with your ex are described below.

Follow the morality question and explain to your self the fact that your having sex with your ex will be like cheating onto your current partner and could your bear if the same happened with you?

If you have sex with your ex then just to satisfy your luring temptation you will put at stake everything the faith your current partner has in you and also you yourself will feel guilty that whatever you did was wrong.

Just to satisfy this luring temptation of yours you will break all the barriers of the society. Apart from hurting your partner in case you are married and your children would also have to suffer indirectly in case your wife/husband comes to know about it.