Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Better Sex - Last Longer and Have More Sexual Desire With These Herbs

If you want to enjoy better sex, last longer in bed and have more sexual desire you can with the herbs enclosed and they will work for both men and women.

The herbs work because they help to get more blood to the pelvic region and into the sex organs which is the base upon which better sex is built. Furthermore, they will increase levels of testosterone which is needed by men for peak sexual health but it's also needed by women too. Last but not least, the herbs will relieve stress and anxiety (which are known passion killers) and boost overall body energy so you can concentrate on sex.

The herbs below, will not only improve sexual health, they will give a boost to your overall wellness at the same time. They can all be found in super potent natural sex pills so you can get them all in one convenient daily serving. Let's take a look at the herbs and what they do.


Cnidium works to increase the release of nitric oxide while inhibiting PDE-5 (just like prescription drugs) which helps more blood enter the sex organs. In men this of course results in a hard erection and while not quite as visible in women, it performs the same function. Cnidium also acts as a blood circulation herb, to ensure there is sufficient blood pumped to the sex organs, before nitric oxide secretion allows it to enter.


This herb is renowned for increasing blood flow quickly to all areas of the body and that includes the sex organs and the herb also works to keep the heart healthy.

Horny Goat Weed

A great name for a great libido enhancer! This herb increases testosterone levels, increases nitric oxide secretion, the also herb also contains icariin a PDE5 inhibitor and works to reduce stress which leads to an overall increase in body energy.


Ginseng works in several ways to enhance overall sexual health, it is a great blood circulation herb and strengthens blood flow to all areas of the body, it reduces stress, increases overall body energy and improves mood.

You can get all the above herbal libido enhancers and others in the best herbal sex pills for men and women and they will improve your overall wellness, as well as helping you enjoy better sex, try them and you will be glad you did.