Tuesday, 7 April 2009

How to Give Your Partner Shocking Orgasms

have to say that only a small percentage of men in the entire World know how to fully sexually satisfy their partners. Most haphazardly stumble upon certain things that work; like a monkey with a banana machine, whilst the rest simply wish they had the know-how to topple a woman's expectations of what she is able to achieve orgasmically.

The Ultimate In Relaxation Positioning.

You can begin by having your partner laying on her back in semi-supine; this is when her knees are bent at a 90 degree angle at the knees (towards ceiling). Have her legs fall to the sides; you can even put pillows under her head and knees to increase her relaxation.

When she is fully sexually primed, this position is perfect for the blood flow, it also allows the hips to naturally open without holding on to any unnecessary tension. Not to mention, that sheer ease of access to her hotspots. This is a very powerful and basic position, do not underestimate it.

Where To Begin.

I normally begin by massaging her entire body - hands, arms, legs, bum, shoulders, chest/breasts, inner thighs and labia etc. This is very good for increasing blood flow to the right areas, which is very important if you want her to peak in her orgasms. When her body is ready she will be well lubricated, there will also be certain signals that she is ready e.g. her clitoris will slightly swell.

Now is the perfect time to begin stimulating her many hotspots both internally and externally. Concentrate on quality of motion, not speed and coverage. Try to be accurate with what you are doing, this is the key. When she begins to react by arching her body and groaning, you can try alternating with different forms of stimulation rather than the obvious places. I find that Blending orgasms is so much better than concentrating on just one form.