Thursday, 30 April 2009

Last Longer in Bed - How to Build Up Your Stamina For Tonight

Guys are under a lot of pressure to perform in the bedroom. The weight on their shoulders is unbearable because they want to be able to please and satisfy their woman. Most guys just want to please their girl so they try hard to last long and make the sex enjoyable for them. However, sometimes these pressures are too much and the problem with premature ejaculation is imminent and embarrassing. How can a guy get past this?

You usually go to your friends for advice but for this situation you don't even want to think about talking to them. You are far too embarrassed to tell your doctor about this so how could you even begin to tell your friends this? Not to mention how much fun they would make of you. You need a way to last longer in bed tonight, and without anyone knowing about your problem. What is out there to help you?

There are products available such as condoms that are a bit thicker so you don't feel as much stimulation but that would mean you would have to go out and buy it. Now the pharmacist will know why you are buying that product and you don't want to have to go through that embarrassment. A way to last longer in bed tonight is to switch up the positions. It will give your girl a little variety and she will like the way you are taking control but it gives you a few seconds to recuperate and last longer for her.