Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Learn the Right Approach to Seduce a Woman

Do you get turned down over and over again when trying to seduce your wife or girlfriend? Do you often find it difficult to sexually excite your female partner when she is "not in the mood"? If yes, you need not worry. It is a very common problem that most men face when they do not know the right way to bring their women to orgasm. Well, to learn the right approach, it is necessary for you to first know what the wrong approach is.

Following few guidelines will help you make your sex life much better than before:

1) If you think that being really good in bed will make your wife or girlfriend keep coming back to you for more, you are wrong. Surprised? Well, it is a fact. Women can begin to orgasm just from a thought alone. In other words, while men get physically turned on, women are more psychologically turned on. This clearly suggests that a woman gets more excited by 'sexual appeal' than by sex. Thus, no matter how good you get in having sex, you cannot turn her on unless you increase your 'sexual appeal'. Just caress her lovingly and make her feel special...really special; if you have that 'sexual appeal', this would be more than enough to turn her on, and once she begins to orgasm, it really does not matter how good you are at having sex. Thus, the right approach is to focus more on seduction than on improving sex.

2) Now, the question is how to enhance one's 'sexual appeal' before trying to seduce a woman? It is not difficult; you just have to put in a little effort. Groom yourself according to her liking. For instance, if she does not like your hair style, or your beard, or anything for that matter, you can never succeed in seducing her!

3) If she tells you that she is in no mood to have sex with you, do not try to give her pills or herbs to make her sexually excited. If she does not like something in you and therefore 'not in the mood', she would end up masturbating instead of having sex with you.

4) When she is reluctant to have sex with you, try to find out the reason behind it yourself instead of asking her and expecting her to tell you. Most probably, she herself might not be aware of it. Just hug her lovingly, show that you understand and care for what she feels, and then, try to figure out the reason from what she speaks or from her behavior. Find out if she is not in mood because of lack of sexual appeal in you, or because of her usual 'mood swings'. It is also possible that she is stressed or her mind is preoccupied with something else. If that is the case, help her to get back to good mood and she will be all yours thereafter.

Thus, the right approach to seduce your woman is to have the right attitude and the right 'sexual appeal' in you.