Thursday, 30 April 2009

Making Your Girl Climax Intensely During Sex - The 3 Most Important Things You Must Do

You can give a woman intense, satisfying orgasms through intercourse alone by making certain to do a few simple things. Women love a guy who can make them climax using nothing but his penis, because orgasms induced by just intercourse are much more satisfying to women than any other kind. Here are the 3 most important things you must do to make your girl climax intensely during sex.

Start with plenty of foreplay! This is vital. If she isn't warmed up enough when you enter her, it will be very hard for you to make her climax during intercourse. She should be begging to have you inside her. Women cannot get enough foreplay, so prepare to take some time on it. Start with her lips, ears, neck, nipples, and stomach, then work your way down to her clitoris. Spend some time performing oral sex until she is on the brink of orgasm, but don't push her over the edge. You can do that when you're thrusting inside her!

Make sure you can last! If you climax before she does, that is a surefire way to frustrate her. You want to be in complete control of your own orgasm, so strengthen the muscles that control it by doing daily kegels. Also, train your body to withstand stimulation by never climaxing within 30 minutes when you masturbate.

Make sure your penis is big enough to satisfy her! Nothing is more difficult than trying to satisfy a woman with a penis that is too small. You need to be large enough to provide intense friction to her clitoris AND hit the sensitive areas inside her from any position. This is most easily done with a penis that is long, thick, and powerful. You can enlarge your size quickly and permanently with natural exercises. You just need your hands. Study them using unbiased sources, determine which are best for you, and most importantly, take action. Within two weeks, you'll already be able to see and feel that your penis is becoming longer and thicker.