Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Secrets of Mind-Blowing Sexual Stimulation

Do you wish you had the knowledge of how to make your girl have the most powerful orgasms she has ever had, and will ever have? In this Article, I will give you some of the best advice that will arm you with some of the most sought after sexual stimulation techniques in the World Today!

1. Prime Yourself.

I would be confident in saying that most if not all that it of the best sexual experiences begin in the mind...if you mentally prime yourself and your partner you are on the road to some Seriously Explosive Orgasms. Don't rush in to the act, simply begin by creating the right atmosphere...then move to sensual foreplay.

Being in a state of complete arousal dramatically increases the sensitivity of the nerve endings within a body, for both you and your partner. In this state, quantity has no place -- only quality prevails. This is the key to the ultimate in sexual stimulation. Don't rush! Don't push! Be sensitive and attentive to your partner's needs; listen to your partner, calibrate yourself to your partner, only then will you open up the possibilities that sexual stimulation holds.

2. Atmospheric Conditions.

I mean your partner takes many forms. It cannot be rushed. The best way to begin is to create an environment which is completely suited to the sexual act i.e. dim lighting, soothing music, scented oils, romantic meal, warm atmosphere etc.

When you have created the right conditions; a fully immersive and relaxed environment, you can begin the physical planning process. This process involves sensual massage, foreplay, teasing, possibly role-play etc this gives her body and mind a chance to reach a state of complete arousal. This level of arousal will literally have her entire body tingling -- this is when she is ready, when her body and mind is released -- this is when she will experience the most powerfully mind numbing orgasms.

3. Lead By Example.

It's not all the news to say that's men have a habit of finishing first -- in fact we can be very selfish in that respect, this is why I suggest that's when you begin addressing your partner's needs sexually, you need to think about her experiences and not your own. Your time will come. In fact in my experience with my girlfriend has achieved the orgasm of her life, she is very willing to reciprocate

I know it is very hard to hold back your own urges, but just think of the great gift. Trust me, after she experiences the orgasm is that she is fully capable, she will literally be gagging to experience more as well as there is a possibility that it may increase her chances of becoming multi-orgasmic and orgasm sensitive.

There is only one way

When it comes to sex or sexual stimulation, there is only one way and it is the right way -- it's very difficult to backtrack on first impressions, specifically if it's a lover you've just met. Be the best lover you can. And this begins with you, as it always does. Best of luck.