Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sex Tips For the Best Sex Ever!

If you are wondering whether there is anything else to sex after years of being with your partner, read on! We have all the sex tips to keep that fire burning! Get these seductive tips and send your partner into raptures!

• Surprise her: catch her off guard when she's doing something and carry her off to bed. Kiss her passionately and tell her that you want her, badly! Look into her eyes and tell her how badly you need her and what her body is doing to you. It will arouse her more than any other position you may have tried.

• Women can really spice it up by doing an unplanned strip tease for her man. Get some sexy lingerie and take them off one by one. Massage yourself with some scented oils and then give him a massage. Stroke him with your face, your breasts and your hair. Use everything but your hands. When he is excited, stroke his penis with your breasts. Insist ion not having sex for a little while. Remember, teasing him for a while will arouse him and give you a scintillating time later!

• Try new movements. When you are giving him oral sex, move your tongue sideways to give the shaft a corkscrew feel. You can do this together with an up and down movement also. Do this for some time and see him go wild!

• Don't hold yourself back when you are climaxing. Do whatever you feel like doing- scream, shout or cry his name out. There is no 'correct 'response to an orgasm. Don't feel embarrassed at your reactions. Remember, being natural and free will only excite your partner and make your lovemaking come alive! It will also make him feel like the ultimate man!