Thursday, 7 May 2009

Female Orgasm Techniques

If you want your woman to be screaming in absolutely ecstasy tonight, then you will definitely want to read this. These are some techniques which continue to give me massive success in the bedroom and give the women in insane amount of pleasure. If you want to step your game up, then read on.

1. Tease Her

This is something that I use as a transition from the foreplay to the sex. The reaction is the same almost every time.

What you want to do is begin rubbing the penis lightly around the opening of her vagina. As you do this, make sure that you are talking to her and asking her how bad she really wants you. Insert the penis 1-3 inches at most and then quickly take it out a few times. Wait for her to get to the point where she begins whimpering and crying for you to start. Another reaction you may get is that she will be moaning and yelling at you to start it.

Either way this builds up MASSIVE amounts of anticipation. By the time you start, it will feel 10 times more satisfying to her.

2. Don't Stop and Start

Women cannot get started right where they left off like men can. If a woman is about to have an orgasm, the worst thing you can do is stop thrusting or change the rhythm. When she is close make certain that you are consistent in your motions and allow her to transition to the promised land.