Saturday, 16 May 2009

Get a Girl to Experience Super Intense Orgasms

The difference between men who make women turn into loyal sex 'slaves' and a men who women treat as sexual bores is the clever way the former can induce women's climax. What does it take to make a woman experience the most intense orgasms of her life?

First you must know what you're doing. Second, you must be in control of everything that happens during sex with your girl. These two things point to one thing: you must learn the skills you need to turn women on strongly enough for them to experience orgasms like never before.

Here are two fail-proof methods of making women multi-orgasmic:

1. "The Proper Way of Thrusting". When you penetrate a woman, you must be conscious of several things, your angle of penetration, the thrusting frequency (slow or fast), and the g-spot touching intensity.

The g-spot is the most sensitive part inside a woman's vaginal portal, and you can easily touch the g-spot when you thrust in a way that your penis rubs the upper part of her vaginal wall. The g spot is located 2.5 inches deep from the opening.

If you cannot locate the g-spot easily, don't fret. Just continue thrusting and observing her reaction. Remember to change the way you thrust every once in a while to try out several angles of penetration.

When you notice a particular movement makes her feel more excited than usual, you can remember that as your 'orgasm generator' sex position.

2. "Verbal Prompts". There are certain dirty talk lines you can tell a woman to make her feel more aroused. Usually, when a woman is near orgasm, she will get pushed over the brink effortlessly when you utter these verbal prompts that effectively cranks up her arousal level.

If you do this right, and use the most powerful verbal anchors on her, she will shoot off like a rocket repeatedly.